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Mary's Art and Writing

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Mary has used art therapy in all her work, consciously or unconsciously. She completed her Initiatic Art Therapy Professional Course in 2004. The information about symbols has influenced her visual images, along with the knowledge gained through teaching writing for 15 years. Health professionals have commented without exception that during chemotherapy and radiation treatment, one's attitude is a key to healing. "The use of the arts as therapy for feelings expression and for thinking I have found to be as influential as all the treatment I have had," Mary said. Many health professionals are now keenly interested in the arts for healing. The exhibition in 2004 is supported by The Cancer Council and many health professionals.

She has exhibited her art work as art therapy for the Cancer Summit 2002, at Women Tasmania 2002, and taught Art Therapy privately 2003.She exhibited her CD Rom images "Seasons of Fruitfulness" at The Hobart Fringe Street Gallery 2002.