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Mary Hudson Ewington qualified as a Graphic Designer and Teacher, and has taught over 30 years at all levels and ages of education. She paints, writes and sings for her own investigation, creativity and health.


Mary Hudson Ewington Introduction to the art. June 2004.

Works are emerging almost fully formed. Others emerge only after I have placed the first thought onto canvas. A larger format means that I am confronted by the image and almost feel that I physically enter it. I allow it to overwhelm me, and am less fearful in showing ugly, awkward fear and loathing, although I choose to paint images which heal me first, and which can then be shown to others. I am less worried about doing the right thing, and noticing that my thirty years of making images and learning is showing through, for example, I draw straight to the final image, allow space for corrections, use my watercolour techniques (sloppy mixture), mix colours by feel, and touch with my eyes. Even I am surprised with how the images come together. Work in 2004 is greatly centred on Self, Spirit, family/heritage, with some people and places, moving in even more closely to the Self Centre.

As a graphic designer I am used to drawing, illustration, colour effects, photographic cropping, depth of field, layout, and attention to details in story telling pictures.

As a watercolourist I experience use of light, layers of wash to produce intensity of colour, and use "less is more" which allows the viewer's imagination to come into play. As an oil painter I experience built up texture on the surface, firmer brushes and brush strokes, and a fluidity which stays for days, not seconds.

As a teacher I want to tell a story, which I find out as I go along.

As an art therapist I notice signs and symbols leading to archetypal meanings, the tension between described images and the way to read the picture from top left to bottom right, according to our Western culture. By the way, if you wish to know more about any of this explanation, I am happy to discuss it (health permitting).


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