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Grist Wallpapers


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if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you via an email, or you can go to our links page to get to our other three sites.

further instructions
If you want to save these images to your hard drive and swap them from time to time, you will need a program such as Wallmaster (a fully-featured shareware program) or Irfan View (a freeware image viewer) which will easily set the desired picture as wallpaper, no matter where you have stored it on your hard drive.

If however you do not wish to use a special wallpaper program, you will still need an image converter to convert your new images into Windows bitmap (.bmp) format. There are many which will do the job, such as Paint Shop Pro (shareware) or Irfan View (freeware) . After your wallpaper is converted, move it into the Windows directory, and you will be able to select it as usual from your display properties. (Info for PC)

All of the images (except the fractals) are objects or photos which have been scanned in using an HP Scanjet 6200C. The wallpapers are all reduced in quality to allow for quick download; if you find one that you particularly like, email us and we will happily send you a high-quality copy.



Iberis Daisy




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