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During 2001-2, Mary created a CD ROM of images entitled "Season of Fruitfulness". The CD ROM contains:

  • 120 images
  • the text and poetry of the journey
  • Mary's CV (2004), and
  • a Master of Education paper on art therapy.

You can order the CD ROM via the purchase page.


Eagle Hawk Cafe Exhibition and performance, 1998

Mary at Eagle Hawk Cafe, 1998
Mary at Eagle Hawk Cafe, 1998.


Exhibition, "From Pain to Power" - Article in "The Mercury", 2002:

From Pain To Power - Mary at the exhibition opening. (Mercury picture)
Mary at the Sidespace.
(Mercury photo - click to enlarge)


HER treatment for breast cancer inspired Hobart artist Mary Hudson Ewington to produce some of her most creative work.

Since she was diagnosed with cancer in late 1999, Mary has had surgery three times, including a. mastectomy and two periods of chemotherapy.

She also has produced many lively and colourful paintings, lyrical illustrations and lots of writing to describe her journey.

"I'd wake up in the middle of the night and worry but then I'd get up and write, or do cartoons or paint," Mary said.

"It was a means to survive and helped me all the way.

"I realised art was as important to me as the medical processes I was going through.

"I had talents and abilities and I had to use them."

Mary, 51, a graphic designer, teacher and book publisher, said when she showed people her art and writing they often were entertained and always interested.

"Some were done when I was very down and out and black with depression but a lot are very bright and happy," she said.

"1t opened up a connection with people. I had nothing to lose. I was no longer embarrassed or worried about what people think about the work I had done."

From Pain to Power is an exhibition of some of her artwork which was opened on Friday night by Christine Clifford, a psychologist at the oncology ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Mary hopes to produce a book next year as a part of her masters degree in fine art and design.

"I've found expression is extremely important and that you can cry on anyone's desk," she said.

As to her health, she says she is fortunate.

She is regaining her energy and her hair is growing back after she lost it during the chemotherapy sessions.

From Pain to Power is a the Sidespace Gallery at the Salamanca Arts Centre until November 13.

She will talk at Women Tasmania on November 20 from noon to 2 pm.