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Mary's Art and Writing

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Please contact Mary for more information on her publications. Or, you can place an order for many of Mary's works.

Writing pre-2004
Writing 2004

Tas. Book Living and Dying $10
Five Minutes, Restlessness and individual pieces $10 each
Magazines $15 each
Folio of Works (200 stories, poems, articles) $50
Songbooks (average 70 songs/poems each) $15
CDs Original songs of places and inspiration $20
CD Rom, 120 images, text, activities $25

Books "Versions One, Two & Three"

$12.95 each

All written pieces posted to you, surface mail. Australia postage $5. International $10 per item.


Writing.  Pre 2004.

The Tasmanian Book of Living and Dying (play, 2000)

Five minutes that shook the world (story and poems, 2002)

Restlessness. Story.

Games, now and then. Article.

Blue Blue. The step-mother. Poems.

Katie don't go. Poem.

The wind. Poem.

A girl screams, Bliss of life. Poems.

Arts Therapy. Program

Many resources for Cancer treatment. Article.

Terralinna intensity Story beginning.

Sydney. Poems.

Oil of love. Poem.

Grandma went to Timor

Wind Whispers, Rocky Road (2003)


journal 1.08.03

Another Space Found.

Forget it. Forget it.

WRITING 2004-06-26

Something About Mary (Images, text, songs and art therapy, postcard book, 2004 - ISBN 0-9757606-1-0)

Look to This Day - Images Paintings Poetry by Mary Hudson Ewington (Postcard book, 2005 - ISBN 0-9757606-2-9 )

Love from Mary (story and poems, 2004 - ISBN 0-9757606-7-X)

Folio of Works (Stories, Poetry by Mary Hudson Ewington 2005 - ISBN 0-9757606-9-6)

Blackness. 22.01.04 Poem.


Colour. Poem

How to make Silk.Poem

When you're crazy. Story

Mary & mick's birthday. Song


Andy. Short story

I'm a Freeborn woman, Song.


Deep Listening.1999

Southern stars.2000

Mostly Mary 2003

Life Sings.2004


Deep Listening (A'Capella CD 2000 - ISBN 0-9757606-8-8)

Seasons of Fruitfulness - 120 Images and Text by Mary Hudson Ewington, Taken from Mary's journey through breast cancer, with chapters titled, Family, Community, Treatment and exercise, Places, Expression, Visualisation, with references for further readings. (CD ROM 2002 - ISBN 0-9757606-4-5)

Southern Stars - Mary Hudson Ewington (CD 1999, ISBN 0-9757606-5-3)

Living in Paradise and Still Complaining - Images of Life (CD ROM, 2004 - ISBN 0-9757606-0-2)

Love from Mary (CD, Songs by Mary Hudson Ewington, 2005 - ISBN 0-9757606-7-X)

Blue Blue Blue Mary Hudson Ewington (CD 2005, ISBN 0-9757606-6-1)


"Versions One, Two and Three Writing and Graphics" (1987, 1992, 1995) includes work by 70 Tasmanian women. Edited, designed, and illustrated by Mary.

Versions Magazine - Versions, Stories, Poems by Mary Hudson Ewington (1998-2003 - ISBN 0-9757606-3-7)


Mary has produced many "Versions" magazines for her students since 1998.

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