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3-17 August 2005, Off Centre Gallery,77 Salamanca Place, Hobart.

The work comprises oils and gouaches, with several collections of short stories and poetry. I am qualified as a Graphic Designer, Master Educator and Art Therapist and have painted and exhibited and taught over many years, with work in collections in 13 countries (including UK.,USA., NZ. Japan, China, Germany, France).

Since 2000, I exhibited with The Hobart Fringe Festival, (committee member, exhibited Puppet Theatre'01, performed readings), was part of the first Street Gallery (prints '03), exhibited at St Peter's Hall, Sandy Bay (Thanksgiving Concert and exhibition of gouaches '01); Sidespace Gallery ("Journey" gouaches '02); Moonah Art Centre ("Something about Mary" oils, gouaches, concert and Art Therapy '04); Women Tasmania International Women's Day Exhibitions (drawing, oils each year '01-'05); Off Centre Gallery (Hibermania oils '05); St. John's Hospital (Gibson Ward, cards of gouaches '04-'05). Presently exhibiting in Sugar and Spice at Mawson Building (gouache), and Multicultural Art Exhibition at Women Tasmania (oil painting, "Heritage"). I have published many small magazines with graphics and three anthologies of Tasmanian work ("Versions" 1987, '92, '94, '98-2004).

I have lectured and shown my work to the National Symposium on Art Therapy (Edith Cowan University, 2003), Women Tasmania ('02), Tasmanian Cancer Summit ('02, '03), University of Tasmania, Communications Course ('03), Rotary Tasmania ('04), Calvary Hospital Pastoral Carers ('05), and wrote on the same topic for my Master of Education (2003). I produced CD Roms ("Seasons of Fruitfulness" '02,120 images and text, "Living in Paradise and Still Complaining"'03, 58 images, "Something about Mary" '04, 100 images and text.) collected in New Zealand, U.K. and U.S.A. I have taught at The School of Art, University of Tasmania, TAFE (Photography, Graphic Design, Communications, Drawing, Creative Writing and Publishing 1972-2003) and schools. I now paint and write.

My work has developed strongly in the last five years, since using oils and enlarging the format. My style moves from detailed illustration to more simple symbols, while retaining the vibrant colour I always love. Content of this exhibition (all 2005), includes forest landscape, coastal scenes and expressive moody illustrations. There is a story in each piece, which can be interpreted for psychological meanings, as in all art. Magazines continue my Writing/Graphics expression. Part of the fun of viewing is in interpretation of the artist's meanings through the viewer's life experiences.

Mary Hudson Ewington Dip. Graphic Design, M. Ed., Prof. Cert. Initiatic Art Therapy

Enquiries welcome; commissions, talks, private classes, demonstrations.

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1. Chakra Flames Oil, Canvas 1mx1.2m
Each chakra burns completely in the fire of truth, the garden heals, and fruit and flowers to burst out in abundance
2.Sun’s coming up 1. Oil, Belgian Linen 1mx80cm.
Dawn brings soft light to indigo sea.
3.Sun’s Coming Up 2. Oil, Belgian Linen 1mx80cm.
Pink, indigo dawn glows through trees
4.Geraniums Oil on canvas 30cmx40cm.
A vase of flowers drips white perfume.
5.Lorinna Cabin Oil, 30cmx40cm.
Sunlight catches the mysterious cabin
6.Forest Cabin Oil, 30cmx40cm.
From a fairy tale deep in the Lorinna forest
7.Tomatoes ripening Oil, 30cmx40cm.
Summer bursts from red, orange and golden Fruit
8.Hope Beach Oil, 50x55cm.
Pale gold Marram Grass contrasts with French Blue water, under hot cliffs.
9.Sea Gull and Yacht Oil on wood 80x15cm.
The bay view bliss goes on forever
10.Coninghamscape Gouache 30x42cm.
Wintry wind blusters through bush and sea
11.Apple Heart Oil, 80x60cm.
Buddha sits below, meditating in the apple heart of the countryside.
12.Earthy garden Oil, 80x60cm.
Red soil dug well, produces snakes, diamonds, new bulbs and flowers of Spring.
13.Awareness Gouache 30x42cm.
Powerful energy shot with dynamic stroke
14.Focus Gouache 30x42cm.
Getting to the heart of the matter
15.Heartfelt Possibilities Gouache 30x42cm.
Deep Carmine surrounded by new colours
16.Sun Rising Gouache 30x42cm.
Fresh green energy sprayed in sunshine
17.Sun’s Coming Up 3. Gouache 30x42cm.
The hour before the sun shines.
18-27.Beauty Is Real Gouache 32x47cm.
Beauty changes thoughts, from the latest disaster to peace.
18.Beauty Is Real From two minds recognize beauty as a reality Gouache 32x47cm.
19.River Runs Emotion flows through the arid landscape Gouache 32x47cm.  
20.Listen To The Sea Emotion and deep sea rhythms pound Gouache 32x47cm.  
21.Endless Waves Waves become stronger, light shines Gouache 32x47cm.  
22.Wash My Toes Washing the body, waves so sensuous Gouache 32x47cm.  
23.Let Yourself Go Into the vortex be sucked down Gouache 32x47cm.  
24.As Above, So Below. The landscape emerges beautifully balanced Gouache 32x47cm.  
25.Sting Ray Gouache 32x47cm. 350 This friendly curious animal watches Gouache 32x47cm.  
26.Neptuna Gouache 32x47cm. 350 The goddess of the sea stands powerfully Gouache 32x47cm.  
27.Madonna Gouache 32x47cm. 350 Benevolent kindness watches over Gouache 32x47cm.  

Paintings mailed to you through cheaper and safe Australia Post.
Small: Less than 30cm x 30cm. Australia $20-$45. International $60-$100
Medium: Between 40cmx40cm - 90cmx 90cm. Australia $45. International between $100-$190
Large: 1mx1m and above Australia up to $50. International $200+
Unframed Art can be mailed cheaply through cylinder containers, for you to frame yourself.

Thankyou to
Ben Klap for help in framing,
Duncan Ewington filming,
Vikki Hemming invitations,
Georgie Seddon flowers,
Jude Maisch gallery advice.

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