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Mary's Art and Writing

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Some of Mary's writing is available below in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) form. You can download a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

Versions Magazine - Versions, Stories, Poems by Mary Hudson Ewington (1998-2003 - ISBN 0-9757606-3-7)

Southern Stars - Mary Hudson Ewington (CD 1999, ISBN 0-9757606-5-3)

The Tasmanian Book of Living and Dying (play, 2000)

Five minutes that shook the world (story and poems, 2002)

Restlessness. Story.

Games, now and then. Article.

Blue Blue. The step-mother. Poems.

Katie don't go. Poem.

The wind. Poem.

A girl screams, Bliss of life. Poems.

Arts Therapy. Program

Many resources for Cancer treatment. Article.

Terralinna intensity Story beginning.

Sydney. Poems.

Oil of love. Poem.

Grandma went to Timor

Wind Whispers, Rocky Road (2003)


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Another Space Found.

Forget it. Forget it.